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Leak Detection

Detecting where the water or sewer leak is coming from is the most critical aspect of fixing a plumbing leak. Our methods will give you peace of mind.

Leak Detection Services

Shower Drain Cleaning

We will pull drain cover and run an electric drain machine that wraps up all hair and debris. We also scrape out any accessible buildup of soap and scum visible in the drain

Shower Drain Cleaning Services

Camera Inspection

Camera inspections will allow your plumber to quickly and accurately detect the issue so that they can get to work on the right solution.

Camera Inspection Services

Kitchen Drain Cleaning

Whether it’s a slow drain situation or a fully clogged backup, at some point, you or someone you know will find themselves in the unfortunate situation of contending with a clogged kitchen sink drain that's too tough for drain cleaner.

Kitchen Drain Cleaning Services

Water Heaters

When you rely on Chris' Plumbing for water heater repair, maintenance or replacement, you can expect professional service from skilled plumbing experts. Water heater repair can be dangerous for inexperienced homeowners, so Chris' Plumbing offers emergency water heater service. Your household will have hot water again as quickly as possible--in many cases, the same day.

Water Heaters Services

Faucet Repair

Do you have a drippy faucet, hose spigot, or shower head? Chris' Plumbing can help, from repairs to full replacements we are your guys. Dont let that drippy faucet damage tile and sinks with hard water. Get it fixed fast, Get it fixed right, we're here to help

Faucet Repair Services

Garbage Disposal

If you have a garbage disposal, it is vital that the unit and garbage disposal plumbing are in good working order to prevent kitchen drain clogs or backups.

Garbage Disposal Services

Main Sewer Cleanout

Are your toilets starting to bubble or gurgle? Do you start to hear it when you run a load of laundry, shower, or flush a toilet. Well that is a sign of a compromised or clogged sewer line. We are here to help, we have drain machines that can power right through tuff stuff like Roots, wipes, and buildup. If the pipe is broken, we'll find it with our state of the art camera and locator. These problems are all repairable and there's no reason to worry. Chris'Plumbing is here to help get it done right.

Main Sewer Cleanout Services

Toilet Repair

A running toilet is the most annoying sound to wakeup to, "Who's up" "Someone just flushed the toilet!" Nope just some faulty parts filling your septic tank, or wasting our most precious resource. Let us handle the heavy lifting, From toilet Repairs to toilet Replacements we got you covered

Toilet Repair Services

Water Meter Leaks

There are sometimes leaks between the meter and the home, in the water supply line.  These leaks are often difficult to detect because the supply pipe is usually buried at least 3 feet (.91 m) below the ground surface. Sometimes the leaking water will travel along the pipe, back to the meter. If the meter box contains water, and the water is not due to rain or irrigation run-off, this may indicate a leak in the supply line. Another common exit point for the leaking water might be where the supply line rises above the ground and/or enters the house. If the soil is constantly damp at these locations this might indicate a leak. In cases of severe leaks, the water will seep up towards the ground surface, usually directly above the path of the underground pipe.  Most often, leaks between the meter and the house are the responsibility of the homeowner; leaks from the meter or pipes leading from the main to the meter are the responsibility of the water utility. The water utility should be contacted before any attempt to repair the water supply pipe. If the utility deems the leak to be the responsibility of the homeowner, a professional plumber should perform all repair work.  This repair should never be attempted by a homeowner.

Water Meter Leaks Services

Water Softeners

Water softening systems are the most common method to deal with hard water in both a residential setting. Water softeners use a process known as ion exchange, or reverse osmosis, to soften water. At a functional level, ion exchange systems remove dissolved mineral ions from hard water and replace them with sodium ions. Most water softening systems consist of two tanks. The primary tank contains special resin beads that have been coated with sodium ions. A second tank contains a salty brine solution which is used to regenerate the resin in the primary tank. As water moves through the soil it picks up mineral ions. These mineral ions become bound to the water molecule. To break this bond, ion-exchange units attract these mineral ions away from the water molecule. As the water supply enters the primary tank in the water softening system, the mineral ions are attracted to the resin beads. As they attach to the resin beads they displace the sodium ions. The sodium ions bond to the water molecules, allowing them to maintain a balanced charge. Over time the resin beads will collect so many dissolved minerals the system can’t continue removing more. Because of this, the system must occasionally be regenerated. To regenerate the system, salty water from the brine tank is used to fill the resin tank. This water displaces the mineral ions on the resin beads, replacing them once again with sodium ions. Afterward, any remaining water in the tank is flushed out of the system through a drain line. Softening water through ion exchange is a time-tested method for eliminating hard water. They are great for providing large amounts of consistent, softened water. Like most filtration systems, ion exchange systems do require a degree of maintenance. The regeneration process must occur regularly, and the owner must add salt to replenish the brine tank periodically. 

Water Softeners Services

Water Purifiers

Water conditioners and water softeners work in different ways and produce different results. Most water conditioners are salt-free systems that are used to remove unwanted substances that alter the taste or smell of your water. These substances include chlorine, chloramines, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and organic gasses. Water conditioners are also used to remove lead from water. How does a water conditioner work? It depends on what type of water conditioner you have. Some water conditioners filter out unwanted substances from water as it passes through, giving your water a better smell. Other water conditioners offer some soft water benefits by actually altering the structure of minerals in the water. These systems rely on a specialized material known as template-assisted crystallization (TAC) media to provide the benefits of soft water around your home.  As hardened water passes over the TAC media, small amounts of hard minerals react with the TAC media and combine to form into crystals about the size of a nanometer. This process is known as nucleation. The crystals formed during this process are sometimes referred to as “seed crystals”.  Once these nanometer-sized crystals have formed on the TAC media they rejoin the stream of water. Not all of the hard mineral ions in the water have formed into crystals. However, these seed crystals are sufficient to eliminate scaling. This is because the remaining hardness ions contained in the water will prefer to bind to the seed crystals over other surfaces such as the lining of your plumbing or your bathroom fixtures. Water conditioners using TAC media are highly effective at reducing scaling from hard water. Research conducted by the WaterReuse Research Foundation found TAC media reduced scaling by up to 88%.

Water Purifiers Services

If you need a plumber in Prescott, look no further than the plumbing experts at Chris’ Plumbing & Repair. Our experienced professionals provide superior local plumbing services to residential and commercial customers. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with the highest customer service and satisfaction. Whether you need a simple repair or a complete plumbing installation, we’ll get the job done right, on time, and on budget. Call on the pros at Chris’ Plumbing & Repair for superior plumbing services in Prescott.

Water Heater Installation & Repair

Do you have a plumbing project that you’ve been putting off for a while now because of the service expense? Give us a call, and we’ll get you a free estimate. Our team can deliver exceptional customer-centered plumbing services. See, your plumbing needs may be different from those of your neighbor. We address every issue or project with the care of a custom, hand-crafted approach.

Nobody likes not to have hot water when the need arises. Whether you are just finishing a workout session or need a nice hot bath after a hectic day, your water heater must be ready to do its job. If it isn’t working well, it very well may be able to be repaired. Sometimes you just need a new water heater.

Garbage Disposals Installation & Repair

Reliable garbage disposals are essential for a clean and sanitary kitchen and for reducing unpleasant odors. Suppose your garbage disposal is not working correctly or needs to be replaced. In that case, it is essential to find a qualified plumbing service like Chris’ Plumbing & Repair that can help you with garbage disposal repair or new garbage disposal installation. With exemplary service, you can keep your kitchen free of odor-causing debris and extend the life of your garbage disposal.

Residential Plumbing Services

Chris’ Plumbing & Repair is a reputable residential plumber based in Prescott, Arizona. Our company has been serving residential communities since 2008 and has built a reputation for providing high-quality and reliable services to homeowners in the area. Chris’ Plumbing & Repair specializes in a wide range of services, including installation, repair, and maintenance of plumbing systems. Whether you need a new water heater, a leaky faucet fixed, or a complete plumbing remodels, Chris’ Plumbing & Repair has the skills and experience to get the job done right.

One of the things that sets Chris’ Plumbing & Repair apart from other residential plumbers in Prescott is their commitment to customer satisfaction. The company’s team of experienced plumbers is dedicated to providing prompt and professional service, and they go above and beyond to ensure that each job is completed to the highest standards. Chris’ Plumbing & Repair also uses only the best quality materials and equipment to ensure that their work is long-lasting and durable.

If you’re in need of a residential plumber in Prescott, look no further than Chris’ Plumbing & Repair. With their extensive experience, commitment to customer satisfaction, and use of high-quality materials, you can trust that your plumbing needs will be taken care of promptly and professionally. Contact Chris’ Plumbing & Repair today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about their services.

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