Top 3 Family Activities in Yucaipa, CA

Getting the family outdoors is so important! We put together some of our favorite things to do with our family. You need to locate the best family activities in Yucaipa CA where your children can enjoy. Yucaipa has a lot of family attractions where you can visit so that your family members can enjoy. There are some facilities where you will be required to pay while other facilities are free of charge. You need to compare the different activities so that you can know the best. If you love activities such as swimming, then you need to locate facilities where your children can swim. Tourist attraction facilities nearby matters, if you would like your family members to enjoy seeing different tourist attraction sites in Yucaipa, then you need to choose a location where you can quickly gain access the other facilities. Take time to discuss with your family members so that you can decide on the best facility where you can visit and enjoy your stay.

yucaipa regional park, yucaipa ca 92399

1. Yucaipa Regional Park

If you would like to get away with your family members on weekends or for an afternoon out, then the Yucaipa regional park can be the best place for you to go and relax. There are several local themed activities you can engage in and spend your free time. The staffs are friendly and are ready to guide you in different activities so that you can be assured the best experience while in the facilities.

If you decide to stay for a weekend out, you will have all the necessary services such as camping among others hence making your family enjoy their stay. All the staff at the facility are courteous people making the facility among the best places where you can pass your free time with family members.

There are several activities you can get involved. For example, you can decide to engage in flying disc, fishing, golf and Water Park activities. You may be required to book early so that you can access the water park activities. For those who love fishing, you can incur an additional fee and fish one or two trout stocked lakes. If your family members love water activities, you can introduce them to fishing at the facility making it a great place where you can visit and enjoy your free time.

The 7th St. Park Yucaipa CA

2. 7th Street Park

The 7th street Park has several facilities which meet the needs of different families. You can access a community pool which is open seasonally. Other faculties making the place a great outdoor destination include the skate park, Dog Park, basketball courts, playground and enough green space for picnics. If you intend to take your family members out for a picnic, you can book a table and shades available at the facility so that you can enjoy your free time.

All other facilities at the park are offered free except the swimming pool. The pool fee is based on the age of the users. For family-minded folks, it is a great place where you can visit and enjoy free time with family members.

The ground is well maintained with ample parking for visitors to enjoy their stay. There are enough amenities at the location allowing you to enjoy every bit. For instance, there is a 25-yard swimming pool which has 6 lanes. Other amenities include a gazebo, two snack bars, a public restroom, and conveniently located shopping center.

City of Yucaipa Community Park

3. Yucaipa Community Park

The community park has several basketball fields where your kids can enjoy applying. Other playgrounds available at the facility include the tennis courts, volleyball courts, dirt trail, and gazebos where you can hold family themed parties. The park is well maintained making it a great place where you can visit and enjoy time with your family members. Views of the surrounding mountains make the site achieve great tranquility.

The three separate playgrounds accommodate children of different ages. Some of the faculties available on the children playgrounds include slides, ways to climb and swings. The trail around the park is known for frequent dog walkers and strollers. The area adjacent to the tree children playground has shady trees where you can relax and watch as your children play during hot summer days.

The above three are among the best places where you can visit with your family members and enjoy your family outing. They have different facilities to cater to different people’s needs.

Whether it is lounging by the pool or pulling off some tricks at the skate park Yucaipa has some great attractions to entertain and fulfill the most coveted of family activities & making some great memories